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The New Knowledge Management: KM Concepts and Strategy

Location: Washington, D.C.

Dates: To Be Determined

Instructors: Joseph M. Firestone, Ph.D. and Mark W. McElroy

Price: $695




This Workshop will reveal how to: 

Abstract and Summary

Knowledge Management (KM) has evolved over the past several years into a form that the instructors of this program, Messrs. Firestone and McElroy, call The New Knowledge Management (TNKM).  The New KM is a variant of second-generation KM, which stresses the importance of using KM to enhance knowledge production in organizations, not just knowledge sharing or integration.  Thus, The New KM can have impact on the quality of problem-solving in business, and can also lower risk and improve innovation along the way.  It is a tool for creating quality-control systems for knowledge and innovation in organizations.  

This workshop will show you how The New KM can help you: 

This class will be taught by two of the world's leading KM theorists, consultants, and trainers, Mark W. McElroy and Joseph. M. Firestone, Ph.D.  Developed by the two of them over the past several years under the auspices of the Knowledge Management Consortium International (KMCI), The New KM is a proven framework for contemporary KM practice that has been taught to hundreds of practitioners in the private and public sectors. 

Attendees will receive free copies of Mark McElroy's book, The New Knowledge Management, Joseph Firestone's and Mark McElroy's book, Key Issues in the New Knowledge Management, and also their recent paper from The Learning Organization journal, "Doing Knowledge Management." 

Who Should Attend

Executives and leaders interested in how to enhance organizational performance by enhancing problem-solving and achieving sustainable innovation

Executives and leaders interested in how to enhance corporate social responsibility and organizational sustainability

Knowledge Management directors, practitioners, and consultants

Organizational learning (OL) practitioners and consultants

Innovation management (IM) practitioners and consultants

Risk management (RM) professionals

Human resources managers interested in strategies for improving the quality of human capital and learning

Management consultants in any of the above fields

KM or related practitioners looking for compelling value propositions, tools, and methods for making KM practical and successful in their own organizations

Anyone interested in a new comprehensive approach and strategy for accomplishing successful organizational transformation for great results



This workshop will be team-taught by Joseph M. Firestone, Ph.D. Managing Director and CEO of KMCI, and Mark W. McElroy, Founder and Director of the Center for Sustainable Innovation.

Joseph M. Firestone, Ph.D. is a consultant, trainer, researcher, and widely published author in the fields of Organizational Transformation, Knowledge, Innovation, and Risk Reduction and Management. His experience spans university (graduate and undergraduate) teaching, private and public sector research and consulting, and software and hardware systems integration. His clients have included such organizations as the US Department of State, Air Force, Navy, Department of Commerce, Department of Justice, Census Bureau, Department of Agriculture, Blue Cross Blue Shield, GE Power Systems, US West, and Kraft/General Foods. He has taught at such universities as Michigan State University, State University of new York at Buffalo, State University of New York at Binghamton, and University of Hawaii. And he has performed research at Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, Brandeis University's Lemberg Center for the Study of Violence, General Research Corporation, the Center for Management and Policy Research, Inc., and the KMCI Research Center. At present, Dr. Firestone is Managing Director and CEO of KMCI, and Executive Vice President, CKO of Executive Information Systems, Inc.

 Mark W. McElroy is a thought leader, consultant, and award-winning author in the fields of Knowledge and Sustainability Management, Sustainable Innovation, and Transparency Management. He has related expertise in organizational learning, innovation management, corporate governance, and 'open' operating models for business.  He is a twenty-six year veteran of management consulting, including time spent at Price Waterhouse and KPMG Peat Marwick, where he served as U.S. National Partner-In-Charge of KPMG’s Enterprise Networks practice.  Mr. McElroy was also a Principal in IBM’s KM practice in Cambridge, MA.  At present, Mr. McElroy is Director of the new Center for Sustainable Innovation, LLC, as well as President and CEO of Macroinnovation Associates, LLC, a management consultancy, both based in Windsor, Vermont. 

Joe and Mark are co-developers of The New Knowledge Management, K-STREAM™ Methodology, the Open Enterprise normative model for Knowledge Management, and the KMCI CKIM Certificate Workshop. Joe and Mark are also co-authors, or co-editors of  Key Issues in the New Knowledge Management, Excerpt # One from The Open Enterprise: Building Business Architectures for Openness and Sustainable Innovation, a special issue of The Learning Organization Journal entitled "Has KM Been Done? and other articles and papers.

In addition, Joe is the developer of the Enterprise Knowledge Portal model and the author of Enterprise Information Portals and Knowledge Management and Reducing Risk by Killing Your Worst Ideas, He is also the developer of the KM blog "All Life Is Problem Solving" (, and the popular KM web site at Mark is the principal developer of the patent-pending Policy Synchronization Method (PSM) for enabling sustainable innovation, author of The New Knowledge Management and the founder and President of Macroinnovation Associates, LLC. He is also developer of its well-known web site at:

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