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Definition of the New Knowledge Management


Firestone and McElroy's Excerpt from The Open Enterprise: A KMCI Online Press Publication
Firestone and McElroy's Key Issues in the New Knowledge Management: A KMCI Press Book
Firestone's Enterprise Information Portals and Knowledge Management: A KMCI Press Book

The Open Enterprise

Key Issues in
The New KM

Enterprise Information
Portals and KM

Knowledge Leadership

The New KM

McElroy's The New Knowledge Management: A KMCI Press Book
Welcome to the Home of the New Knowledge Management

Organizational Survival
in the New World

Bennet and Bennet's Organizational Survival in the New World: A KMCI Press Book

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Cavaleri's Knowledge Leadership: A KMCI Press Book

KMCI Certificate Programs

There is an overriding problem in Knowledge Management today. It is the problem of the paradigm that should be used in pursuing it. KMCI's Certificate Program in The New Knowledge Management (TNKM) offers an answer to this fundamental question. The TNKM program is the most comprehensive and advanced KM certificate program in the world today, emphasizing both the theory and practice of The New Knowledge Management paradigm in Commercial, Non-profit, and Government sectors.

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KMCI’s program, full of original integrative conceptual frameworks and diverse views towards KM, prepares students to plan and implement KM solutions in organizations of all types. It does this, first, by providing enrollees with a map of the chaos that is KM today, and second, by providing instruction in key areas of The New KM. All courses also include treatment of Second-Generation KM, the Knowledge Life Cycle, Sustainable Innovation, and the Open Enterprise.

KMCI offers 3 market-leading certificate programs to choose from:

Years In The Making

The KMCI CKIM Certificate program was developed over a six-year period of time by practitioners and scholars from business and academia, such as The George Washington University, IBM, Pfizer, Skandia, The Monterrey Institute, Central Connecticut State University, and many others.

World Class Faculty

KMCI's faculty are internationally recognized experts in KM with experience ranging from Big-4 consulting (Mark W. McElroy) to university teaching at both the undergraduate and doctoral levels (Joseph M. Firestone, Ph.D., Managing Director, CEO of KMCI and Director, KMCI Certificate Program), and Steven Cavaleri, Senior Executive Vice President, KMCI. Messrs. Cavaleri, McElroy and Firestone are well-known thought leaders in the field with extensive experience, widespread publication and speaking credentials, and several major books on KM to their credit.

In-House and Custom Programs

KMCI welcomes inquiries from other organizations to deliver its certificate programs, or variations thereof, to special or private audiences. Contact Joseph M. Firestone, Ph.D., Director, KMCI Certificate Programs for more information at

In every important respect, KMCI's certificate program is second to none!

KM Training and Your Organization

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