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Definition of the New Knowledge Management


Firestone and McElroy's Excerpt from The Open Enterprise: A KMCI Online Press Publication
Firestone and McElroy's Key Issues in the New Knowledge Management: A KMCI Press Book
Firestone's Enterprise Information Portals and Knowledge Management: A KMCI Press Book

The Open Enterprise

Key Issues in
The New KM

Enterprise Information
Portals and KM

Knowledge Leadership

The New KM

McElroy's The New Knowledge Management: A KMCI Press Book
Welcome to the Home of the New Knowledge Management

Organizational Survival
in the New World

Bennet and Bennet's Organizational Survival in the New World: A KMCI Press Book

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What KM Is Not!

Cavaleri's Knowledge Leadership: A KMCI Press Book

Knowledge and Innovation Management Articles

Volume One, Number One
Editor's Welcome

Alex and David Bennet
Characterizing the Next Generation Knowledge Organization

Mark McElroy
The New Knowledge Management

Arthur J. Murray
Taking Knowledge Management To the Next Level: Directions for Future Knowledge Systems Research

Joseph M. Firestone
Enterprise Knowledge Portals: What They Are and What They Do

Steven A. Cavaleri and Fred Reed
Designing Knowledge Generating Processes

James Courtney, Bongsug Chae and Dianne J. Hall
Developing Inquiring Organizations

Volume One, Number Two
Editor's Introduction

Paul S. Prueitt
Grounding Knowledge Technology

Francisco J. Carrillo
Meta-KM: A Program and a Plea

Joseph M. Firestone
Knowledge Management Process Methodology: An Overview

Alex and David Bennet
Exploring Key Relationships in the Next Generation Knowledge Organization

Ibrahim Kuscu
An Adaptive Approach to Organizational Knowledge Management

Ramon C. Barquin
What is Knowledge Management?

Jose Albors G.
Knowledge Creation and Management in a SME Environment

Robin Holland
K & I Book Reviews

Volume One, Number Three
Editor's Introduction

Joseph M. Firestone
Key Issues In Knowledge Management

Steven Cavaleri and Fred Reed
Organizational Inquiry: The Search For Effective Knowledge

Lorin Loverde
Intellectual Capital: An M&A Approach

Elias Oxendine and Mark E. Nissen
Knowledge Process And System Design for the Carrier Battle Group

Joseph M. Firestone
Estimating Benefits of Knowledge Management Initiatives: Concepts, Methodology, and Tools